The Eno Islanders are North Carolina's finest purveyors of early Hawaiian string band music. They play 20s and 30s swing and traditional Hawaiian music on period instruments with great respect for Polynesian culture. Instrumentation includes acoustic steel guitar (National Tricone), ukuleles, upright bass, slack key guitar, banjo and other devices to celebrate the moment. The players are multi-instrumentalists and move among different instrument configurationsĀ  and lineups to include other genres such as piedmont blues and Appalachian old time.

The Players

There are a lot of players in the band. It's a sort of collective that Hugh, Anastasia and Dan attempt to wrangle. We like to mix it up, so you might see different combinations at the shows.

Hugh Crumley
: National Tricone steel guitar & vocals
Anastasia Maddox: vocals & ukulele
Dan Eason
: piedmont slack key National Resophonic guitars
Fred Levine: bass, vocals, banjo, jazz face, probably mandolin and/or banjo if we don't keep an eye on him
Blaise Kieler: clarinet & violin
Stephen Cowles: flute & saxophone

Alumni & Guests:
FJ Ventre: bass
Berkeley Grimball: bass clarinet & (regular?) clarinet
William Dawson: bass & vibes
Katharine Whalen: vocals & baritone ukulele